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Another Gem of a problem

Question asked by hoib on Jun 30, 2015
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Another Gem of a problem


Well, here goes.  This is a long one, sorry.  On FM14 Pro Adv and Windows 7.

I have a TO of DASHBOARD and a TO of PREFERENCES.  This solution uses data separation.  The DASHBOARD TO is part of the UI data segment and PREFERENCES is part of the "Data" data segment.  The UI portion is small with only three TOs - Graphics, Virtual Lists and DASHBOARD.  The Data segment is large and filled with 25 TOs including PREFERENCES.  In Data, each TO has many fields.  We are using Anchor-Buoy throughout.

I have what I call "QuikTips" Table in Data which I want to accept, hold and preserve text and date values in designated fields and show them in the DASHBOARD when the user first enters that opening DASHBOARD layout.  I don't want them editing it.  I just want the office staff to edit QuikTips over in the PREFERENCES" layout.  I've cloned a tabbed interface in both spots containing the QuikTip text and a date of entry.

It is hard to draw or define a relationship from PREFENECES <> DASHBOARD.  I've tried setting up __kf_QukTip_id in DASHBOARD with a constant value auto-entered as a value of "1" with a corresponding __kp_QuikTip_id in PREFERENCES also set to constant value of "1".  Both are text fields and both TOs and keyfields show in the "=" in the Relationship Diag on the UI segment.  I figured that's going to link the two.  Wrong.  I cannot get DASHBOARD TO to show up as a Related Field when attempting to place the corresponding field on the PREFERENCES tab designated for the Office Staff to use to edit.  Note that PREFERENCES is tabbed itself and shows other preferences settings screens beside the one I'm dealing with,.

So what's this tell me?  The awful truth that I keep reading about is that the PREFERENCES layout is based on the PREFERENCES TO.  Thus any tabs within that layout are destined to be sourced only from the PREFERENCES TO.  And thus they are not available to DASHBOARD.

Should I be trying to Set Fields into our already existing GLOBAL_TEMP_FIELDS as each field is input on the PREFERENCES side so that they can be retrieved (copied) into separate (and by the way totally redundant) fields that I cook up on the DASHBOARD side?  Like this? 

Set Field [GLOBAL TEMPFIELDS::splash_text-box_#1; QuikTips::new_splash_textbox_#1] as long as [GLOBAL TEMPFIELDS] can look back at PREFERENCES layout.  And then when DASHBOARD is up, open script has Set Field [DASHBOARD:QuikTips:splash_text_box_#1]; GLOBAL TEMPSFIELDS::splash_text_box_#1.  Is that the proper technique? 

This really screams for a correctly configured relationship that goes from Prefs over to Dashboard but it won't go.  I've tried relating from Prefs to Global TempFields and then from Global TempFields to Dashboard.  There's just something wrong with my thinking.  Plus it's using redundant fields in both TOs so it's gotta be wrong.

This is really confusing me...  I hope I've done a good job of explaining this.