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    Another import > images question: Picture dimensions



      Another import > images question: Picture dimensions



      I am creating an image library, and have set up my database to extract the usual size, flename and filepath data:

      moviemac:/Images/Clip Art/newspaper/newspaper.ai

      ...when I import images (as references) using the GetAsText ( Image ) where Image is the container storing the image. However, Filemaker only sometimes extracts all the data. I have read about this technique only working on images imported as references, not when they're dragged & dropped, but I am importing them as references. Filemaker will happily extract all the data from Adobe Illustrator files and QuickTime movies, but on TIFFs, PSDs and JPGs, just gets the single line filepath such as this:

      image:/Images/Clip Art/newspaper/HiResPaper.jpg

      Anyone know why? It's rather annoying when the majority of my images are TIFFs, PSDs and JPGs!

      I'm running Filemaker Pro 11.0v1 on Mac OS X.

      Confused, and hoping for some miraculous help,


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          I'd make sure they were really inserted with the store a reference option enabled.

          Here's the text contents of a container field of a file where I experiment with containers:

          image:../../My Documents/My Pictures/RaceCars/09331-1962-sprint-racecar-2.jpg
          imagewin:/C:/Documents and Settings/Phil/My Documents/My Pictures/RaceCars/09331-1962-sprint-racecar-2.jpg

          Note that there is a size and that this is a jpg file.

          If your container field stores an image not inserted with the store a reference option enabled, you have a physical copy of the file instead of a reference to it.

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            Thanks PhilModJunk, but yes, I definitely have the 'reference' option on. And it occurs onsome images and not others, even if they're part of the same import process, eg:

            1. Delete ALL records

            2. Import folder, as reference

            3. The .AI and have the nice 3-line data, the JPEGs and TIFFs just have the filepath

            4. Confusion!

            It seems illogical that some images are treated differently in the same import process. A bug maybe?

            - Paul

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              I can definitely reproduce this when I use Import Records | Folder instead of insert picture. All of the images I imported, imported only a single value file path. All of my sample files were one type or another of a bitmapped image (Jpg, Gif, bmp...) as I didn't have a vectored image file (such as illustrator) to test.

              If I use Insert Picture to insert the same file, I get the size.

              I do think this one merits posting in Report An Issue (see Tab at top of this screen), which is where possible bugs should be reported.

              I can conceive of a scripted work around: Since you do get the filepath when you import the image files, you can use a script that extracts the file path and puts it in a variable, then uses the variable with Insert Picture to re-insert the file. This will get you your file size and you can set the script to loop through the found set of imported records to update them all (or just those missing a size entry...)

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                Thanks, PhilModJunk. I'm (a) glad and (b) disappointed...

                (a) glad that it's not something I was doing wrong and glad it is a reproducible problem,


                (b) disppointed that I wasn't doing something wrong which could be fixed by a couple of mouse clicks!

                I will definitely look into creating a script workaround as you suggested. And do a bug report.

                - Paul