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Another import > images question: Picture dimensions

Question asked by PaulRoper on Feb 29, 2012
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Another import > images question: Picture dimensions



I am creating an image library, and have set up my database to extract the usual size, flename and filepath data:

moviemac:/Images/Clip Art/newspaper/

...when I import images (as references) using the GetAsText ( Image ) where Image is the container storing the image. However, Filemaker only sometimes extracts all the data. I have read about this technique only working on images imported as references, not when they're dragged & dropped, but I am importing them as references. Filemaker will happily extract all the data from Adobe Illustrator files and QuickTime movies, but on TIFFs, PSDs and JPGs, just gets the single line filepath such as this:

image:/Images/Clip Art/newspaper/HiResPaper.jpg

Anyone know why? It's rather annoying when the majority of my images are TIFFs, PSDs and JPGs!

I'm running Filemaker Pro 11.0v1 on Mac OS X.

Confused, and hoping for some miraculous help,