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    Another Newbie Question



      Another Newbie Question


      Ok i need advice my database has three parts


      1) Admin = view reports, maintain employee data, view work order, closeouts, inventory, reports, etc


      2)Tech = View work orders, do closeouts according to work done, time sheets, maps


      3) Employee will generate tickets for techs = will only be able to create and view all tickets



      Can i create this in one database and have certain people view certain things? Or should i create three seperate databases and make connections to each other. 


      I greatly appreciate the help this forum is awesome. 

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          Howdy Gino,


          you can go either way.


          For managing accounts and privileges, check out ...well...File > Manage > Accounts & Privileges


          There are many options for limiting view, edit, create, delete, by table, by script, by account...simply make a custom privilege set.


          The choice of whether to build 1Dbase with 3 tables, or 3Dbases is typically not made based on the software, but on how you will use or maintain it.  The software doesn't care all that much, either way is fine.


          if you are new at the whole thing, consider making it all in one dbase...your demands on it most likely don't warrant splitting it up (but that's a wild guess and should be taken as such).