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Another newbie question

Question asked by JeremyCarr on Jun 14, 2014
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Another newbie question



     Trying to work out a way of not ending up with too many fields.

     I have a number field that uses the following calculation to compare a value, dependant on a gas appliance type,  with one measured onsite, if the measured value matches or is below the value returned by the calculation formula, the conditional formatting stays green and states "OK" else it goes red and states "NO" (as in safe or unsafe)

     It all works fine but I have five appliance readings to report in each record, seems wasteful to have to have five Case formula in the same number of fields especially if I need to edit values etc. If I used a global field is there a way to refer to Ap1typ or Ap2typ... etc using wildcards i.e. Ap*typ?

     Ap1typ="Combination boiler";.008;
     Ap1typ="Range Cooker";.02;
     Ap1typ="flued space heater";.02;
     Ap1typ="Flueless space heater";.01;
     Any guidance much appreciated