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Question asked by SteveGoodall_1 on Aug 10, 2015
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Another Newby


Hi Everyone - I can't find a "say hello" section to introduce myself - but hopefully this won't end up in the wrong place.  I am currently using the free one month trial of filemaker & I have to say it seems to be effortlessly doing what I need it to do in many respects.

Just so people understand where I am coming from - I first started using a database way back in 1993 - as a progression from "record cards".  I was a sales rep at the time & covering half the UK - with about 500 customers to keep track of.  Over the years my role changed & expanded to the point where I am now - with details on approximately 15,000 companies to juggle with.

Up until last week my trusty old database seemed to expand along with me - until...

A fatal crash of a .dbf file left me looking at 3 days lost work.  I do back up regularly - but the amount of info that goes in on a single day can be frightening at times - so I am loathe to carry on with a solution that is over 20 years old & came on 6 floppy disks (that's right - floppy disks no less).

Several friends have previously advised that I move to filemaker - so here I am, but I do have a couple of problems that I just don't seem to be able to get past.  I am sure ffilemaker will do what I want - I just don't know how to make it "sing & dance" as yet - but it is early days.

Anyway - the first thing I "think" I want to do is in a table view - where I do a couple of find operations to narrow down a set of records.  Once I have the records I want to work with I want to take the contents of a column - in this case - email addresses & copy them on mass - before dumping them into an excel file - for use later.  Or a similar example would be copying the columns for main contact names & telephone numbers - to produce a targeted list for my telesales girls to contact for a very specific campaign.

Can anyone please advise how to get the contents of a column out of filemaker & onto a spreadsheet.  I have tried highlighting the column - but it won't let me do that - or - clicking on the first record & shift clicking on the last - but it won't let me do that either.  I am desperately hoping that a simple answer exists - but with a new program you doubtless know how easy it is to miss the obvious.

Thanks in advance