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    Another Newby



      Another Newby


      Hi Everyone - I can't find a "say hello" section to introduce myself - but hopefully this won't end up in the wrong place.  I am currently using the free one month trial of filemaker & I have to say it seems to be effortlessly doing what I need it to do in many respects.

      Just so people understand where I am coming from - I first started using a database way back in 1993 - as a progression from "record cards".  I was a sales rep at the time & covering half the UK - with about 500 customers to keep track of.  Over the years my role changed & expanded to the point where I am now - with details on approximately 15,000 companies to juggle with.

      Up until last week my trusty old database seemed to expand along with me - until...

      A fatal crash of a .dbf file left me looking at 3 days lost work.  I do back up regularly - but the amount of info that goes in on a single day can be frightening at times - so I am loathe to carry on with a solution that is over 20 years old & came on 6 floppy disks (that's right - floppy disks no less).

      Several friends have previously advised that I move to filemaker - so here I am, but I do have a couple of problems that I just don't seem to be able to get past.  I am sure ffilemaker will do what I want - I just don't know how to make it "sing & dance" as yet - but it is early days.

      Anyway - the first thing I "think" I want to do is in a table view - where I do a couple of find operations to narrow down a set of records.  Once I have the records I want to work with I want to take the contents of a column - in this case - email addresses & copy them on mass - before dumping them into an excel file - for use later.  Or a similar example would be copying the columns for main contact names & telephone numbers - to produce a targeted list for my telesales girls to contact for a very specific campaign.

      Can anyone please advise how to get the contents of a column out of filemaker & onto a spreadsheet.  I have tried highlighting the column - but it won't let me do that - or - clicking on the first record & shift clicking on the last - but it won't let me do that either.  I am desperately hoping that a simple answer exists - but with a new program you doubtless know how easy it is to miss the obvious.

      Thanks in advance

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          To get data to a spread sheet, you can use export records to export them. This creates a new excel file. If you want them in an existing file, you will have to export to a supported file type such as csv and then import into excel.

          But once you get your FileMaker design fully up and working there usually isn't much need for exporting such lists to Excel as you can work with them right in the database.

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            Thanks a million - the export to excel option works brilliantly for what I want to achieve.  In fact it is probably faster than the way I used to do it on my old system. smiley

            I am sure my next "blindingly obvious" question will not be too far down the line - now back to playing with fiemaker... 

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              This forum tends to be the "go to" place for Newbie questions so feel free to ask. We won't do anything worse than show you where to answer the question for yourself in FileMaker Help or some such if the answer's "too" obvious...