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    Another Portal Issue!



      Another Portal Issue!


           Hey guys,

           Seems like I'm not the only one with a portal issue. All I want to do is have someone input their own records into a Purchase Order portal, but when I create it its not editable and you can't click on it.

           I know the other post said something about relationships.. but my problem is if I create a relationship with another record when they edit this portal or delete the record it also deletes records from my estimates record and I dont want that. How do I create a portal without a relationship to another table so I can click on  it and type in it the way I want. Here are some screenshots of the record.

           Notice that in the portal the table is refrencing itself which is Purchase order, but when I exit layout mode it wont let me click on those fields!



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                 You can't have a portal without a relationship. In the relationship linking the layout's table occurrence (as selected in "Show Records From" in Layout setup) with the portal's table occurrence (as selected in "Show Related Records From" In Portal Setup), "Allow creation of records via this relationship" must be enabled for the portal's table occurrence or you will not be able to create new related records directly in the portal.

                 Normally, for a portal on a Purchase Order to list items that will be purchased on it, you need relationships like these:


                 PurchaseOrders::__pkPurchaseOrderID = POLineItems::_fkPurchaseOrderID
                 Products::__pkProductID = POLineItems::_fkProductID

                 If this notation is unfamiliar, see this thread for info on how to interpret it: Common Forum Relationship and Field Notations Explained

                 Your Portal would be set up to refer to POLIneItems in "Show Related Records From" and you'd set up _fkProductID with a value list of ProductIDs from the Products table.