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    Another Portal question



      Another Portal question


      I am finding out that portals are very usefel adn I am finding new uses for them just about every day. However, I am not always able to implement the new uses on my own.


      Here is what I would like to do. I would like to have an invoice with the portal for the line items, I actually already have this using a join table and it works great. But I would like to add another portal to the same layout that shows products available and have a user be able to click on the product to add it to the line items automatically.


      Is something that can be done?




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          Yes, you have to figure out the best set of tables and relationships that will work with your database to list the available products, but once you have that set up, a simple script can add the clicked item to your line items portal.


          Your script could be written like this:


          Set Variable[$Invoice ; Value: Invoices::InvoiceID]

          Set variable[$Item ; Value: ProductListPortalTableOccurrence::ItemID ]

          Freeze Window

          Go To Layout [LineItems (LineItems)]

          New Record / Request

          Set Field [LineItems::InvoiceID ; $Invoice ]

          Set Field [LineItems::ItemID ; $Item ]

          Go To Layout [Original Layout]


          Your Products available portal could be based on a relationship as simple as:


          Invoices::InvoiceID X Products::ItemID (the X operator is a "match all values" operator so all the records in products would appear in your portal.)



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            Thanks for the reply Phil, I am going to see if I can get it to work. It looks pretty straight forward but I will probably have some thinking to do.