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    Another portal question



      Another portal question


      I'm trying to create a db that lets my mom manage her jewelry making better. She has a ton of various supplies like beads.

      What I'm currently stuck on is a portal that will look up beads from another db to create a quick overview of the cost of materials for this piece of jewelry.

      Currently I have a portal but it will not allow me to enter any data in it. And I'm also stuck on how to create a script that will create a new portal for data entry.

      I hope that is understandable.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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          Scripts cannot create portals. They can only be created manually by you while the layout is in Layout Mode. Perhaps you meant to say something else in that sentence?

          If a portal does not allow you to enter data, you either have a problem with the relationship specified match field values or your have not enabled "allow creation of records via this relationship".