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    Another portal text wrap question



      Another portal text wrap question


      Is there a way to get text to wrap inside a portal? I need a field to go to the next row if it will not all fit on the current row - like pressing Return in data entry.


      I know the answer is usually to redesign the database to show the records without portals, but I don't think that is possible. I need to print a 5x7 card with lots of contact information, including family members on the right side of the card. There is no chance that the portal will outgrow the card, so I do not have to worry about that. If I don't use a portal, it seems I would have to dedicate a line to each family member, which the structure doesn't support (easily or based on the criteria I have to use) and I cannot give up that much space on the card. It helps to simply list them beside the household's contact information.


      If there is another way to look at this, I would love to hear some ideas. But, I would also like to know if there is a clear answer to text-wrap in portals.


      Thanks for all the help I always get on this forum!


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             The text displayed with be determined by the field size that you have set.
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            Does your portal display more than one column of information?


            A calculation field that uses the List() function to pull all the portal data into a single, multi-line text field might serve here. You'd replace your portal with that single calculation field.


            If you have multiple fields, it's quite a bit more complicated, but you might be able to figure something out with the right calculation fields to first combine a single portal record's data into one block of text with tab characters separating the data from each field. Then you might get that field to look right by using the list function in a calculation field in the parent record to pull all this data into a single text field.

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                 Thanks, Phil. I will try that and see how it works out. I haven't used the List() function before so I will study up on it.
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                Replacing a portal with a List() calculation wouldn't be my choice.  As Mr. Vodka pointed out, portal rows will not automatically expand to show all data.  Why not let User enter the field; in which case, it will automatically expand to show the rest of the data?  You can have the field indicate that there is more text as:  text text text text (more) ... so the User knows to enter the field to read it.


                UPDATE:  If you don't want User in the field because you don't want them to modify it, you can turn off entry into the field and attach Tooltip or even open another window to show full detail.  A List() calculation, unless only a handful of records, would be resource intensive and it would remove ability to change any of the data in the fields.

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                     LaRetta, I am not sure if you read my whole post or not, but this is for printing a 3x5 card. There is no user-entry into the field.
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                       I did miss that part.  I focused on your question about expanding a portal.  But why not just go to the related records and print them via list (with fields enlarged and then sliding up and reducing part)?