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Another release??? And we still can't save Printer Settings in version 10!

Question asked by rdulys on Mar 9, 2010
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Another release??? And we still can't save Printer Settings in version 10!


Is anyone else annoyed by this???


The biggest issue I STILL have and have had since v7 is: Printer settings in scripts still don't save... It seemed to work in the original v7, in fact if I remember correctly, it was touted as a GREAT new feature in v7.0, seemed to work with the original release then somewhere along the way it got screwed up again.


Also, isn't it strange that Filemaker puts out a release... IE: 10.0 v1  then they release 10.0 v2  then 10.0 v3  then "Thats all, lets hit them for $299 again!"  Yeah, I know we have some things that have never been fixed since FM 7.0, but we have to make more money!  Look at the support downloads and you will see... 7.0 up to v3 then 8.0 release.  8.0 made it to v2 then they slipped in 8.5 and that only got to v2 also, then 9.0 got up to v3, 10.0 got to v3 and here we are... Version 11!  Each one still had problems that needed fixing, but now they have moved on!


Answer one question please Filemaker...




This has been the biggest pain in my Filemaker Solution, I have read many posts in the forums on different things to try "Put a second Print Setup in the script" blah blah blah!  It should just WORK - In a script add "Print Setup"  check "Perform without Dialog" check "Specify page setup" choose your printer from the list and save the script - DONE - Now, anytime that script is run, it should switch to THAT printer!   This DOES NOT WORK.  Defaults to whatever the last printer used was.


If it IS fixed in v11, why hasn't it been been fixed in v10.0 that I paid $299 for... Or why wasn't it fixed in 9.0 that I paid $499 for?????


Anyone else have any thoughts on this???