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Another Survey question

Question asked by olesimonsen on Jul 31, 2015
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Another Survey question



I have spend quite some time on the forum and the concept of creating a survey/grading using filemaker is beginning to sink in however I am still left with some questions that present themselves through my many attempts to set up the solution.

My main source of inspiration has been this post:

However it does not fully cover our needs.

A short explanation as to what we need in this solution.

Overall the solution is a grading of new employees. The process is based on two interviews (Very similar in content but performed by two different interviewers) and one hands-on assessment.

Interviewer and hand-on assessors assessments of one candidate has to be recorded and stored. Reports must be generated either all assessments, all assements in an area, all assessments for a candidate, alle assessments given by an assessor etc.

So to sum up. One candidate will have 3 assessments:

Two interviews with grading of different areas (Self awareness, leadership potential etc) with a grade 1-3 and a comment by the assessor. There are 7 different areas.

One job hands-on assement with a grade 1-5 and a comment by the assessor. There are 6 different areas.

My questions are:

1. Will this structure suit our needs.

2. How do I create the surveys/Assessments for the candidates on a separate layout

3. Is there a way to make an administrators dashboard where new candidates, assessors and assessments can be created and statistics/reports can be viewed. To which table should this be linked?

We would highly appreciate any help with this!

Initially I have come up with a database structure like this:

"Questions" are actually grading areas (Self awareness, leadership potential, task #1, 2, 3 in the hands-on assessment.