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Another Time Calculation Question

Question asked by ErlendurGudmundsson on Oct 1, 2014
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Another Time Calculation Question


I am developing a maintenance logbook in FM12 and I have to calculate elapsed time that sometimes goes from one day to the next. I have looked at some of the solution on the forum but can't seem to get it right. This is what I need.

The aircraft takes off on 23 september at 22:12 and lands on 24 september at 03:43  I need to calculate the total flight time and display it in hours and minutes (decimal minutes, mind you ;) ) So it would look something like this:

TO Time: 22:12 LND Time: 03:43 FLT Time: 5.5 ( 5 hours and 31 minutes Rounded to the nearest decimal) I have been using the following formula Round((Landing Time - TakeOff Time)/3600;1) which works fine if I don't pass midnight. The Landing Time and TakeOff Time fields are Time fields and the Flight Time field is a Number field.

Any suggestions much appreciated.