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another user is modifying this record

Question asked by DaveSmith on Mar 31, 2010
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another user is modifying this record


I have a portal displaying records from a single table.  I created an occurrence of the table so I could filter the records based on a date range and user ID.  The portal also contains a field that is validated from a value list (Y/N) that allows users to mark the record complete or incomplete (Y/N).   When only one user is using the layout, it works great.  However, when 2 people are on a record in the portal, I get the error that "another user is modifying the record".  This happens even when they are not on the same record.  It doesn't seem to care what record it is.  If someone is accessing the portal rows, it locks all the records.


Version 8 server on Windows 2003

Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 workstation running Windows XP