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Anti-virus exclusions for filemaker.

Question asked by Abe on Mar 23, 2009


Anti-virus exclusions for filemaker.



I am a server admin and do not know that much about filemaker.  We are running filemaker pro 9 advanced and file maker server 9.  We have upgraded the antivirus to mcafee enterprise 8.7I.  I was wondering if we should be excluding any file maker processes/databases from the virus scan.  So far this what I found, is this as simple as typing in .fm in the exclusion section for the on access scanner .  Thanks for your help/advice .   

Antivirus software may cause file corruption.


Please set the antivirus software so that it does NOT scan the Databases folder (and subfolders), or any location FileMaker Server/FileMaker Pro is opening the databases from. 

The antivirus software should instead scan the backup destination folder, if scanning of the files is necessary.  Please schedule the antivirus software so that it does NOT scan during the time FileMaker Server is backing up the database files.  It is preferable to scan the database files after the files have been backed up completely.


An antivirus program could lock bytes within a file while it is scanning the file for viruses. Such a lock could cause the operating system to return an error when FileMaker Server tries to write data to the file, resulting in the file being closed as damaged.

Note that this also applies to files that FileMaker Server is performing a backup to. If the antivirus software is scanning a backup file when the backup schedule occurs, the open database may not be backed up because the destination file is locked which may result in the loss of data.

The same issue applies if FileMaker Pro has the database open and it is not shared and the antivirus software tries to scan the file.