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Any equivalent for a BASIC language's method in Filemaker?

Question asked by penhaifai on Jan 25, 2010
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Any equivalent for a BASIC language's method in Filemaker?


I already asked this question but not in such following detailes and method...

I used to have this method and capability in BASIC lang; remember the oldie comp language and not the VBASIC the new one; and I dont know or see such similar one in Filemaker yet. Let's say you have a survey of people and they are from different cities, states or countries and you want your results to be like this;

 State     #of participants

------     ----------------

CA           34

WA          22

TX           46

and so....


Outcomes shouldn't show "Zero" number states. Just whoever participate's State


so let's say I want to make a script to give me such report. In BASIC language; since I don't know wich state would shown and to avoid listing the long States list; I'd go with a changable variable inside a loop with IF statement as the following;


R= Number of Records

For S=1 to R; REM starting of the loop

Let C(S)= 1st State








 So the question is, is there any way in filemaker to do such variable likethe red one; C(S); so it would be change with record number?

I'm not that familiar to data base but if there is another way; more simpler to do it it would be even great


thank you...