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    Any good tutorials on menus, toolbars and pop-up layouts?



      Any good tutorials on menus, toolbars and pop-up layouts?


      Just looking for and good tuts on setting up the menus and toolbar. I want the full default when I log in as a admin but want the app to log everyone in as a guest by default with a limited menu and tool bar.


      Also I have several small in size layouts that would look better if I could just have them pop-up and float over the main layout when a user needed to access them. I tried one thing from the help and it did not work.


      Thanks in advance.

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          You are welcome to ask specific questions about each of those issues.

          File Options can auto-enter an account name and password while you can hold down the shift key to force a password dialog to open so that you can enter credentials for full access. There's a script step that can install specific custom menus and other script steps can hide and lock the status area tool bar if you want that.

          Window sizes can be specified in the New Window command, and if the layout is in for view, there's also Adjust Window [Resize to fit] that can be used to get the window to automatically "fit" the window to the layout. And there advanced window options you can select for a new window script command that can ensure that the window floats and/or functions as a "modal" dialog.

          PS. In FileMaker 13 I am using new window to produce modal dialogs much less often than before. I use a popover for the same purspose and it takes much less effort to set up.