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Any Handy Utilities ?

Question asked by CountryBoy1 on Dec 18, 2011
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Any Handy Utilities ?


Are there any handy utilities that can be installed for Filemaker
Pro 11 Advanced for editing and for keeping track of parameters
and data flow, etc.  It would be very handy to do the following:

                    In Edit Mode:  To be able to do a search on a
                                         specific parameter such as a
                                         variable, to see where all it is
                                         used in the program or function.
                                         Also to find out how many Open
                                         or Close commands, are in
                                         the program or function or to see
                                         all the Perform Script calls, etc.

                     For the whole database: To be able to track down
                                         where a script parameter value such
                                         as "skip" is used when calling a particular
                                         program or function.  Also, to be able
                                         to create a tree diagram that shows which
                                         programs or functions are called by other
                                         programs or functions.

       Large programs get so complicated that they are hard to manage.
                                         Thanks for your help.   Sincerely, CountryBoy1