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Any help on filtering for a portal?

Question asked by unieater on Jan 21, 2009
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Any help on filtering for a portal?




I have contact database with a field called PCode.

I have a reference database that has 4 fields:  PCodePrim, PCodeRel, PCodeNum, and PCodeSec.  

The reference database maps the level of a relationship between two contacts.  So there are 4 codes for PCodeRel (A,B,C,D) and then PCodeNum represents the unique number of PCodeRel for that PCodePrim.  


The relationship that I have created is Contact:PCode is used to link to PCodePrim which has multiple records with unique PCodeSec which should point back to Contact:PCode. 
I'm trying to create a filtering mechanisms so for each unique PCodePrim and PCodeRel Group will be called into a portal.


Any thoughts on how to filter for identification in portal?


Sorry about lack of technical writing as I'm new to this.  


Posts are great resources so I want to thank all contributors.