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Any hints on doing a nice looking mail merge from FileMaker (10 Pro Advanced)?

Question asked by douglerner_1 on Feb 2, 2013
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Any hints on doing a nice looking mail merge from FileMaker (10 Pro Advanced)?


     I've been using Constant Contact to send newsletters and information out to customers (just several dozen), but I get some complaints that the notices are often "not segmented" so some people receive irrelevant info or repetive info. For example, a customer who already signed up for our payment system getting a reminder "if you haven't signed up for our payment system blah blah blah..."

     I would like to be able to send nice looking (if possible HTML so it includes our logo) emails in a more targeted way.

     Filemaker seems to have a mail send feature, but it seems really poor for a couple of reasons: (1) it's only plain text and (2) I tried sending some test emails and while they went through there is no progress bar or anything, so I don't really have confidence if and when the mails were sent.

     I noticed that Word's merge tool seems to work well with FileMaker. In fact, I was surprised that even though I could not get the Word merge tool to import directly from an Excel file (!) I had no problem getting it to import from my Filemaker file. I haven't tried test mails though, and don't know if I can do a merge with selected found sets only. Is that possible? But is Word mail merge with FM the best solution?

     Is there an easy solution for (1) creating and saving nice mail templates for different found sets, (2) preferably something nice with HTML (though this is not an absolute requirement) and (3) sending the mails in a way I can see the mails get sent?

     It seems like FM would be perfect to use for segmented mails (to customers to give them personalized status updates, to remind people who haven't signed up for something to sign up, to thank people who have signed up for doing so, for showing them their contact info to confirm everything is right).

     But what's the best way to do this?

     Any advice would be welcome.