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any suggestions for a nested nested database?

Question asked by jhc on Oct 28, 2013
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any suggestions for a nested nested database?


     I posted my old FMP file a while ago at

     Unfortunately that one eventually became corrupted, perhaps because I was trying to nest a portal within another nested portal in one of my layouts (learned here that it is not possible in FMP12).  Or perhaps it was because I kept it on a network drive. Either way I'm not sure but for now I'm trying to avoid both scenarios - I'm tired of recreating my database. 

     I'm looking for suggestions on how best to do this. I have a lot of tables linked to a Lakes table. The Lake can have one or more than one net. The Net can have zero or many catches of fish. The Lake can also have many Minnow Traps which will catch zero to many minnows. The biologists also want to capture chemistry data for the lake as well as take oxygen and temperature level readings at many different depths. 

     I've tried doing this in the tabs but haven't figured out how to keep all the records related. My old idea was to keep lakes info in it's own layout and then have a bunch of buttons to go to the layout of interest (nets-catches, traps-minnows, oxygen-temp, water chem). But that would be four different layouts. Someone suggested doing it in tabs but I haven't figured out how to make them all related to the same lake. Any ideas or suggestions for a nice, logical layout that minimizes flashing back and forth between screens? 

     thanks in advance