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any thoughts on how to approach this?

Question asked by BorisKamp on Jun 3, 2015
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any thoughts on how to approach this?



Im looking to create a new function in our database, an automatic invoice creation and send (mail) service with invoice attached.

In our contact database we have about 50 people that are members of our fund, in order to participate they have to wire a part OR the full amount they participate with to us.

Let's say person A participates with $100k and person B with $250k. Person A would like to pay everything at once so his invoice will be $100k while person B prefers to pay in two wires spread over a few months, his invoice would be $125K.

The participation amount is specified per person.

Now I would like a button with a script that does something like this:

  1. Let's you specify the percentage of the total amount they have to wire for each person individually or be able to exclude them from this invoice round (this can be specified somewhere else before as well)
  3. Creates an PDF invoice with merge fields for name, amount, invoice # etc etc.
  5. Sends an email to the client with his invoice attached.
  7. Creates a record in the DB with the pdf invoice of the client so we can see all invoices per client.

This sounds pretty difficult for me to create and I have no idea where to start and if this is even possible.

Can you guys point me in some right directions?