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Any way to get "out of a file" automatically when moving to another database?

Question asked by RaySeligman on Jan 6, 2014
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Any way to get "out of a file" automatically when moving to another database?


     We have a law firm and are using FMP 11 with a server and great success. We have a few different databases ("comp", "negligence", "calendar" etc. )


     We all log into different records in the databases and rarely overlap except for the calendar and when we are in the calendar we are usually on "today", looking at today's calendar. When we are, no one cn get into that record until the other person either goes to a new date, or does a find or otherwise gets out of that record. In prior versions if we just switched from the calendar to a negligence record, the calendar record for today was "opened up" for someone else to get into and add info but not in FMP11. Even though you are not in "calendar" no one else can get into that record unless when you left "calendar" you got out of today's calendar. We all try to remember to do that but probably 30-40 times per day we have to ask each other to get out of the calendar or at least that record. So, here's my question:


     Is there any way, any script that, when we switch from the calendar to one of the other databases, will automatically get out of that record (which would be today in the calendar). Or perhaps just put it into "find mode" prior to leaving the database. It would save us an estimated 4,558,702,344 hours if we could do so. 

     Any help is hugely appreciated.