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Any way to make a run-time expire on set date?

Question asked by DonBugansky on Apr 20, 2011
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Any way to make a run-time expire on set date?


I have FM Advanced to build some run time versions to the sales team.  At times we lose some folks due to competition and wanted to know if there was a way to control the "life cycle"of a run-time? I would like to put a date when binding the app so that it would be locked or erased or just inoperable at the intended date.  I was thinking about just providing a newer build once a year so over time if a person left, the app would eventually lock up. Any thoughts, scripts or tools out there that would do what I need? For example, we use a Bomgar device for support and when we "deploy" a Bomgar button that allows access to the support server, one of the options during the deployment is putting in an expiration date. Please help/share your thoughts. Thx - Bugs.