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    Any way to make a run-time expire on set date?



      Any way to make a run-time expire on set date?


      I have FM Advanced to build some run time versions to the sales team.  At times we lose some folks due to competition and wanted to know if there was a way to control the "life cycle"of a run-time? I would like to put a date when binding the app so that it would be locked or erased or just inoperable at the intended date.  I was thinking about just providing a newer build once a year so over time if a person left, the app would eventually lock up. Any thoughts, scripts or tools out there that would do what I need? For example, we use a Bomgar device for support and when we "deploy" a Bomgar button that allows access to the support server, one of the options during the deployment is putting in an expiration date. Please help/share your thoughts. Thx - Bugs.

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          You can set a script to run when the file is opened that looks like this:

          If [YourTable::Expirydate < Get ( Currentdate ) ]
              Show Custom Dialog ["This system has now expired"]
              Exit Application
          End IF

          Of course, some people may figure out that they can get around this by resetting their system clocks just before opening the system and then they can reset the system clock afterwards. To stymie that trick, you can build this same check into other frequently performed scripts throughout your system so that it not only checks the system date but frequently rechecks it.

          If you don't already do this, you'd also want to strip out the admin account so that they can't purchase FileMaker Pro and use it to open your file and then disable this check in your scripts.