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    Anyway to Export Script Text?



      Anyway to Export Script Text?


      Hello All,


      My New Years resolution is to get my FileMaker Certification. I have started a new blog to track my progress. It's fun to be able to look back at the history of the endevor.


      My question is is there any easy way to export script text to use as examples. I was thinking of printing the script to PDF and then copy paste that but it seems kind of messy. 


      Also is there anyway to export a single script like there is to import scripts from other fp7 files?

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             If you have Filemaker Advanced, you can copy scripts from the database design report.
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            WOW that is awesome I will check this out more thouroghly!


            Thank you very much!

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              Some more ways...

              1. You can copy the Script (visible) Text using the MBS Plugin by Monkey Bread Software. 
              3. You can use the FMButler ClipManager Tool to copy visible and XML based source code 
              5. Check out the free http://www.beezwax.net/products/bbox plugin (MacOSX only, no experience, but seems also very cool)
              7. On the Mac (and maybe Windows) you can retrieve the XML (one of the invisible clipboard flavors) yourself using developer technologies (google for it).
              9. e.g. Download the Apple XCode "Clipboard Viewer.app" example together with the Auxiliary Tools download (available via the developer program site https://developer.apple.com/downloads , needs login/account)


              Offtopic: Some personal Notes on the the MBS Plugin

              This is no advertising, not sponsored!  Just bare impressed satisfaction...

              MBS Plugin offers other unvaluable features like syntax highlighting on the Mac, so it is a must for a serious developer to have it on the machine.

              I met the developer Christian Schmitz two days a go in a usergroup meeting near Cologne giving some live demos.

              The cool thing: He added / modified features on visitors request during the meeting!

              You can ask or pay him to add features and they may/will be maintained later together with this single plugin. Tons of useful OpenSource libraries and commands are installed and available in FileMaker Pro by a single plugin directly for the average developer who is not familiar with Windows guts, MacPorts or the OpenSource or commandline world. This is often why FileMaker Pro is choosen as a RAD tool.

              Distribution is much simpler now. You do not need a Java Runtime for making it work (in opposite to e.g. ScriptMaster plugin, that is great as well)