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Anyway to export text from db with linefeed line endings?

Question asked by steve02476 on May 13, 2015
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Anyway to export text from db with linefeed line endings?


I can see this issue has come up in the past, but not too recently, and since I just today installed FMP 14 I thought it might be worth asking again.

I'm exporting some simple text fields to a tab-delim file from a Filemaker database (on Windows). The exported file will be sent to a unix system that expects a single linefeed (LF) at the end of each line.However, FMP (on Windows, anyway) wants to slap a CRLF at the end of each line (both a carriage return and a linefeed) which is understandable since that's normal for Windows.

I'm currently converting the output file after it's made using a separate utility, but is there any way I can cajole Filemaker to just output the file as a series of lines of text separated by LF only? That would really simplify the process.

I've seen that some people are doing something like this using XSLT, but I don't want XML output, just simple lines of ascii text separated by LFs. Is there a way to do that using XSLT?

Thanks. -Steve