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Anyway to save a pdf to a network drive?

Question asked by DanielClark on Feb 21, 2011
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Anyway to save a pdf to a network drive?


I am running FM Advanced Pro on Mac 10.6.6.

I am using the starter solution "Invoices" as a reference here. Their Email Invoice script is great, but instead of saving the pdf to the desktop, then attaching it and emailing it - I would like to save my pdf to a network drive, then attach it and email it. So my only snag on the whole process is defining the $$Filepath variable to point the correct location.

The current script to define the filepath is shown in the attached image - this script saves (since I'm a Mac user) the file to the path "filemac:Macintosh HD/OTW/Corporation/007/5." This script works great - as I guess using "filemac:" & Get(systemdrive), returns the root directory of the computer. However, I have been trying to get this to point to a network drive. I already mounted the drive via a separate step in my script that uses Applescript to mount the drive. The location of the drive is under "/Volumes/OTW/" - I'm guessing here that the "filemac:" string basically tells FM to look at "/Volumes/" - but I've tried putting "filemac:OTW" in there and it hasn't worked. So anyone know if this can be done? Thanks.