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apparel inventory price history help

Question asked by sveta on Nov 6, 2013
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apparel inventory price history help


     Hi all,

     I have an Inventory DB for various apparel (mostly shirts and sweaters) a business makes. The file had been set-up prior to my employment, but now a "Price History" component is necessary for the business. Basically, we need to keep track of how much different vendors charge for blank &embellished shirts. The variables include: apparel size (ranging from XS-3XL), apparel type (blank or embellished), vendor name, price for every individual size, and the date the price was given. For embellishment vendors, we need to keep track of how much each embellishment type will cost (there is already a field for embellishment type). In addition, vendors may vary for per size for blank apparel.

     I'm not sure how exactly to go about this. At first a portal came to mind, but I'm not sure if I should create a new table or add all these fields to the current table I have. I started creating the fields and a red flag went off once I realized how many variations of "BlankCost_sm_date," etc. fields I'd have.

     I'd be really grateful if someone could explain what my options are and/or how I should proceed. I'd also appreciate just a link to another post on these forums that may be relevant and helpful. I'm sure I've missed some! I'm still a bit new to Filemaker and am still somewhat of a database novice.


     Thank you in advance