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Appearance - InFocus

Question asked by MaxEh on Nov 2, 2014
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Appearance - InFocus


I applied an InFocus to a floating text box (i.e. not a defined field in a table). This text box sits behind a record row and I have defined no colour for Normal, a green for hover and a yellow for InFocus. All the fields are also set to no fill colour. There is an attached script that takes the user to a form view of the current record. In the form view another script takes the user back to the list view and InFocus highlights the row from where the user came. Useful in a screen full of rows in a list to help focus where they were. Wonderful feature I thought :(

Works great in one layout but I cannot for the life of me get it to work in any other layout list/form combinations that do exactly the same thing. Anyone have an idea of what is going on? I have tried copying the layout where it works and using that as the list view but no luck. Could the attached scripts be interfering? Is it something to do with applied themes? I am at a loss.