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    Append only text field



      Append only text field



           Is it possible to set a text field so you can add text, but it only appends to the field. So anyone entering data can enter new data but cannot edit the previous entries.


           I can set a button that will put a date and timestamp in the field, but can this be done automatically when you finish entering the field.


           Thanks in advance.


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               We would usually do that by separating the data entry box, and the field containing the accumulated data.

               Create a global field 'DataCapture'.

               Create a script for a button beside that field that when clicked sets the DataField to be something like:

               "-------  Added by: " & Get (AccountName ) & " at " & Get ( Current TimeStamp) & "  ----------------¶" & DataCapture & "¶¶" & DataField

               Make the DataField not modifiable in browse mode.

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                 It makes more sense to me to not put all of this data in one field.

                 Each entry, IMO, would be a separate related record with a field for the account name, a field for the timestamp and a field for the text to be added.

                 A portal can display all of the data in each record and a lock expression in Manage | Security or a validation calculation in Field Options can keep users from editing a new entry once it has been comitted.

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                   THanks for the replies. After looking at what we were trying to do we will seperate the data to individual entries and create a report to view it all.