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Append PDF to a Filemaker 11 file

Question asked by PhilGiunta on Aug 18, 2010
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Append PDF to a Filemaker 11 file



We have Filemaker v.11 server and client running at our site.  We use Filemaker to generate Purchase Orders and Invoices.  The layouts were created years ago.  

Our Purchasing Manager has approved new terms of purchasing and they are saved in a two page PDF file.  He would like to append the PDF file to each Purchase Order when it is saved as a PDF.

I know that Filemaker has a way of saving a file as a PDF and appending it to an existing PDF.  I tried that. However, what I need is the other way around.  I need the existing PDF sitting on our file share to be appended to the end of each Purchase Order when saving them as PDF.

Any thoughts on whether this is possible? Thanks!