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Append PDF to Page One?

Question asked by Tusquittee on Jul 26, 2013
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Append PDF to Page One?


     Hi, I understand that the Append command only works to append a pdf to the end of a document but I was wondering if anyone could help me think of a work around.

     I have a pdf already created and in a container field named Invoice PDF.  This is to be page two of the document. After pg. 2 has been created there is additional input needed to generate pg. 1.

     So far this is the script I have...

     Go to Related Record, Set Variable, Save Records as PDF (This saves the PDF pg. #1)...

     Then Go to Field[Annual Conference Invoices::Invoice PDF] (This is the container field w/ PDF pg. #2)

     ...and now I get confused.. I want to export the field in some way that would allow me to append it to the page one file.....but that doesn't seem possible with the export field content command.  Is there a command that allows me "open" or select a pdf and resave it?

     Thanks in advance