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Append to Note Field

Question asked by JosahMower on May 27, 2011
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Append to Note Field


I am trying to append data from other fields into one note field.

I am setting up a DB for inventory and would like to keep track of the history of there the item has been. I will have a button that move the data into a Location history Log field and then clear out the other fields so that the location can be updated.

fields are:

The information would them be placed into location history like so:


Date: (Date Moved)

Building     (building)
Department   (dept)
First name:  (Firstname)
Lastname:    (Lastname)
Account User Update: (Username)


I tried to setup variable but they are not puting the data in the () fields. Every time I hit the button to move it deletes the past information and replaces it with the variable.


Appending data to continue to fill

Building:         $building
Department:   $dept
FirstName:      $fname


Is this possible?