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Appending a field in fmp 12

Question asked by RandyRiggs_1 on Aug 20, 2013
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Appending a field in fmp 12


     I have a fmp database I created in fmp 10 and have been using for 5 years running my business. I recently upgraded everything to fmp12 including my new Mac mini running fmp server advanced 12.

     one field in my parts master file needs changed. Currently, I have about 500 records out of 3500 with the following designation:



     The "Y" at the front designates this record to be a repair. The actual part number starts with the "DS200......"

     I want to change all these records as follows:

     remove the "Y" and add "-REP" at the end of each part number.


     i have been unable to do this so far. Any ideas would be appreciated.