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Appending Current Date to File Name

Question asked by etschris on Jan 16, 2010
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Appending Current Date to File Name




I'm fairly new to Filemaker Pro scripting.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Once a week, I need to generate an individual report of outstanding paperwork that is delivered to each technician's space on our server.  I am using the "Save as PDF" script step to do so, but am having trouble getting the filename to work properly.  I would like it to appear as follows: "Technician Name - Current Date.pdf"  Thus far, I have not been able to get the current date to append properly.  I have tried creating a custom variable with the current date and then performed a calculated result as..."Technician Name - " & $customvariable...but this procedure does not work.  It will result in a filename of "Technician Name - " and no date.


Is this because the Current Date is not in a text format, as required by the Calculated Result?  If so, is there another way to add the current date to a filename?


Also, using the "Save as PDF" script, is there a way to prevent the "Save As PDF Options" dialog box from opening when the script is run?  I would like to hit the "Send Reports" button and avoid hitting "OK" for each "Save As PDF" script step.


Version: FileMaker Pro 9

System: Mac OS X 10.5 


Thanks in advance for your help.