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Appending fields of text to a report.

Question asked by nihmbrisby on Sep 19, 2014
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Appending fields of text to a report.


Summary: Basically I need receptacles to store text that can be edited and take advantage of filemaker's 'sliding' abilities for printing and have no use after the report is printed:

I have a report that is the basis for a printout.  It's an invoice.  It consists of:

Leading grand summary with basic invoice stuff (date, invoice number, 'bill to')

Body (the items being sold)

Footer (displays company address at bottom of every page

Trailing grand summary (totals)

What I need: After totals, I need to allow the user to input "Terms and Conditions."  For simplicity sake lets say there are 10 standard terms (for instance, one give bank info like routing number, another states the return policy).  The user will select from this set of 10 ( All, some, none- it just depends).  Once selected, the user will occasionally need to edit the terms, however this should NOT alter the terms for future transactions.  The 10 terms have to remain unchanged.

My idea had simply been this- store the 10 terms on a table I have that is dedicated to these sorts of constants.  After the Total on the trailing grand summary, I need 10 fields (to accommodate any some or none of the 10 Terms and conditions).  The fields all slide up and have the 'also resize enclosing part.'  It all works perfectly.  

The issue is with the 10 fields.  I can't think of a good way of creating them.  Originally I had just assumed 10 globals (so every user can generate reports at the same time), but the user may have multiple reports open each with different terms- thus 10 globals would not work.

Then I thought, well I guess I'll have to create 10 new fields on every table whose corresponding layout generates a report.  First of all, I'd like to not create so many new fields and associated info.  Secondly, it would still be a problem if multiple users were generating reports based on the same record (thought that is less likely).

Is there some elegant way of doing this?