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    Appending Text



      Appending Text


      (FileMaker Pro 11; Mac OS Snow Leopard)


      This is probably an easy one for you well-practiced folks.   How do I append text to the end of a field entry?  For example, if I have a field called "Weight" I'd like the user to enter a number (say 80) and the value in the field to say "80 kg". 


      Hope that makes sense.  Any suggestions?





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          Steve Wright

          Are you sure you need to do this ? Couldnt you just add those as text labels next to the fields ?


          Either way, set the field as an auto enter calc, with the do not replace field contents un-checked..

          You can then use something like below, each time the value is changed / entered it will append KG and filter out any letters the user enters


          GetAsNumber( Self ) & " kg"


          I added the GetAsNumber() so if they type in "20kg" they dont end up with "20kg kg"






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            Thanks... that seems to work except that now when I try to enter something in the field it says "This action cannot be performed because this field is not modifiable."   Am I missing something??





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              Ah... disregard... I figured it out.  I was entering the formula you suggested as a Calculation rather than Auto-Enter text.  Thanks for the help.  :)