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    Apple File Closing Radio Button



      Apple File Closing Radio Button


      My solutions users are closing filemaker files by using the little red apple button in the top left of all screens on MAC. This escapes all controls that I built into my filemaker solutions. i.e. Validations, closing script, etc.

      How can I prevent the red apple close file button, while allowing the yellow apple minimize button in my solutions?

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          Hello Rugbeebum,


          If you want your closing script to be performed each time an unruly user closes the window by clicking the "Window Close" button,  then best solution I know is to go through the creation of a new Custom Menu Set...(myCustomMenu).
          Once created, click the "Custom Menus" tab and edit the "action" of menu item "Close" of menu "File" of your CM.
          From the "Action" pop list select "Script" and click the "Specify..." button.
          From the "Specify Script options" pop window choose the appropriated script...Validate.
          Close the "Edit custiom Menu" window and select "myCustomMenu" as the default menu of this file.
          You're done.
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               When I build solution files on a Mac, for a Mac; the Window Close radio button isn't even available and I want it to be.  I'm not using a custom menu and I can duplicate this if I use one of the Sample solutions in FM10 Advanced and create a solution from it???