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    AppleScript and Automator to schedule scripts



      AppleScript and Automator to schedule scripts


           OK... I need some help here...  I am trying to get some scripts to run automatically.  I have everything working with the exception of this last piece..

           When FileMaker 13 opens it has a "Open New or Existing Window" dialog that needs to be closed before a database or script will run.  How can I automatically close or bypass this window?

           Here is my applescript I am using to open the database:

           on run
           tell application "FileMaker Pro"
           delay 5
           tell application "FileMaker Pro" to close every window  --- does not seem to be closing the dialog box
           getURL "FMP://ip address/database name.fmp12" - never opens because the dialog box is open
           delay 10
           end tell
           end run