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Applescript and Mavericks

Question asked by singerdf on Nov 7, 2013
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Applescript and Mavericks


     I recently updated to Mavericks with out doing any background research.  What was working perfectly in 10.8 was now not working so well.  I am running FM Pro 11.  I have created an Applescript Application to create a Calendar event from information in my database.  I have tried using the native applescript step and calling the application.  Calling the application did not work at all.  Running the native applescript takes over 3 min.  I have timed it multiple times.  You can do nothing else in FM or calendar while this is processing.  In addition, most times it creates the event in a local calendar rather than the icloud or gmail calendar which I have specified.  I have tried opening the calendar first and making sure nothing else is running.

     I am at a loss and confused.  I have seen other mentions of runtime slowness.  This is not a runtime as I don't know how to make or use a runtime.

     I know that I could use a plugin solution, but am not familiar with how to call the plugin or incorporate it into my existing database.

     Any insight would be great.


     thank you,