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    Applescript and Mavericks



      Applescript and Mavericks


           I recently updated to Mavericks with out doing any background research.  What was working perfectly in 10.8 was now not working so well.  I am running FM Pro 11.  I have created an Applescript Application to create a Calendar event from information in my database.  I have tried using the native applescript step and calling the application.  Calling the application did not work at all.  Running the native applescript takes over 3 min.  I have timed it multiple times.  You can do nothing else in FM or calendar while this is processing.  In addition, most times it creates the event in a local calendar rather than the icloud or gmail calendar which I have specified.  I have tried opening the calendar first and making sure nothing else is running.

           I am at a loss and confused.  I have seen other mentions of runtime slowness.  This is not a runtime as I don't know how to make or use a runtime.

           I know that I could use a plugin solution, but am not familiar with how to call the plugin or incorporate it into my existing database.

           Any insight would be great.


           thank you,


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               There is a recommended procedure for updating to an OS ver ZERO version.

               Duplicate your OSX XX.8 onto another drive or partition. (SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner are most often used)

               Update the duplicate or the orginal to the new OSX version Zero - TEST

                Macs can easily boot from multiple OS versions on different  hard drives or partitions.

               I apologize, I have been dealing with this mistake a lot recently.

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                 Thanks, David.  While I agree that this is a good solution.  In hindsight, I am stuck.  I do not have enough room to partition the drive and do not have a clone of the old system.

                 I have never had this issue before and have been a Mac user for longer than I am willing to admit.  This was a release that was not ready.  With that said, I am unable to currently use that script and am hoping that this wonderful community will have a work around or suggestion.



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                   Estoy de acuerdo con Debra. Hace muchos años que uso FM Pro y nunca he tenido estos problemas. Pero con Maverick ese problema de latencia no es propio de FileMaker sino de varias otras aplicaciones, como iCab y el menú de abrir y cerrar archivos. Espero lo resuelvan pronto, no está bueno esto.


                   I am in agreement with Debra. For many years that use FM Pro and never I have had these problems. But with Maverick that problem of latency is not own of FileMaker but of several other applications, like iCab and the menu to open and to close archives. I hope solve it soon, is not good this.

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                     You're not alone... Just upgraded to Mavericks (10.9.1) and am seeing the same thing. My FM Pro 10.0v3 (yes, it's ancient) scripts use AppleScript to delete and add Calendar entries. What took few seconds pre-Mavericks now takes minutes, though it does eventually succeed. A process called tccd is eating nearly 100% of CPU during this time. Any workaround ideas appreciated.

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                       I too have this issue - a script that downloads a supercontainer file to temp items then uses an applescript to activate preview and open it now fails in Mavericks. The script was implemented in fmver10 and has worked with fmver12 pre Maverick.  

                       The only temporary (and incredibly counterproductive) solution I've found is to log off my user and log back in or restart the computer - then the script starts working again.   But then fails once the display goes to sleep.  


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                         My Script has been pretty slow before Mavericks. What I discovered as maybe I had too many events in that calendar. I renamed it Archived and created a new one. The script runs much faster now. Can't see why since all I'm doing is adding an event.