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applescript and server based database

Question asked by amixer on Apr 29, 2009
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applescript and server based database


I'm trying to write a database that will run off of a central server, which will basically track project start and finish times on several different workstations simultaneously.  As I'm sure is obvious the people at the different workstations would connect to the database, open it, and create new records for their specific projects and project times.  I have applescripts in this database that address different applications, some of which are on one client computer and some of which are on the other.  Is there a good/easy way to determine when the client connects, which computer the client is so that the database can target the proper apps for each iteration running on the client computers?  Does my question make sense? Is there an easier way to do this than applescript that I'm not seeing?  Question 2 is is there a way to write an applescript subroutine which can then just be called by multiple scripts written from within Filemaker?  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.