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    AppleScript help for MKDIR needed, please



      AppleScript help for MKDIR needed, please


      Hello there,

         I'm using simple AppleScript (via Calculation) to create folder to store my PDF's properly:

      "do shell script \"mkdir -p \" & quoted form of \"/Volumes" & $$doc.folder  & $$folder & "\"" 

      Where $$doc.folder is my path to documents and $$folder is specific folder for customer. Working like a magic. But, now I need to store my documets over network. And my shared folders are protected by the password. I'd tryied:

      "mkdir -p //username:password/Server/Folder"

      but permission is denied. I'm not good in AppleScript's at all and maybe this forum is not proper place to ask, but, please, don't be angry with me. 

      Maybe I should use mount command before, to mount disc first. But looks like complicated way. Any easier or, let say, proper?

      Thank you all!