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AppleScript help for MKDIR needed, please

Question asked by AntonChuykin on Feb 3, 2012


AppleScript help for MKDIR needed, please


Hello there,

   I'm using simple AppleScript (via Calculation) to create folder to store my PDF's properly:

"do shell script \"mkdir -p \" & quoted form of \"/Volumes" & $$doc.folder  & $$folder & "\"" 

Where $$doc.folder is my path to documents and $$folder is specific folder for customer. Working like a magic. But, now I need to store my documets over network. And my shared folders are protected by the password. I'd tryied:

"mkdir -p //username:password/Server/Folder"

but permission is denied. I'm not good in AppleScript's at all and maybe this forum is not proper place to ask, but, please, don't be angry with me. 

Maybe I should use mount command before, to mount disc first. But looks like complicated way. Any easier or, let say, proper?

Thank you all!