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Applescript in FMP Advanced

Question asked by KelvinAitken on May 1, 2013
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Applescript in FMP Advanced


     I recently upgraded my computer system (Mac) and in the process was forced to upgrade Filemaker from 6 to 12 (Advanced). Now, most of my applescripts either come up with error messages (while still performing the needed function) or just refuses to function. I assume that this is because the syntax for commands has changed at some time. 

     For example, this no loger works:


tellapplication "FileMaker Pro Advanced"

setmyTaxinametocell "Label" ofthecurrent recordofdatabase "mmm"



     In FMP 6 they supplied a folder with examples of syntax etc. Not so, apparantly, for the new FMP 12. 


     Can anyone point me to an online resource tha gives examples of how applescript should be written to work with the new FMP 12


     Many thanks.