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Applescript working in FMP10 doesn't work in FMP11

Question asked by PieroF on May 14, 2010
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Applescript working in FMP10 doesn't work in FMP11


Since I upgraded to FMP 11 Advanced, one of my scripts, including Perform Applescript, doesn't work any longer.


The script is supposed to update a container field "Foto" by changing the pathname of its referenced file; the new pathname is in the text field "Path di Foto" and has a format like "Macintosh HD:Users:...".

The FMP script contains only the Perform Applescript step, which runs the following native applescript:


tell current record of document "Foto Mobili"

  set data of cell "Foto" to file (cell "Path di Foto" as text)

end tell


Up to FMP 10 the above script would update the picture in "Foto" without problems; starting with FMP11 each time I run the FMP script I get 2 error messages "Object or property of wrong type" and (after confirming the only OK button) "Unknown error -10001".

After some debugging I found out that the problem seems related with the "file" keyword; if I simply remove it (set data of cell "Foto" to (cell "Path di Foto" as text)) the script doesn't show error messages, but it simply sets the path name itself into the container, not the photo with that pathname... I also tried to change it with "alias": same error messages.


Since I couldn't find any solution in the FMP documentation nor in this forum I'd like to ask the following questions:


1. is the applescript wrong (even if it worked in FMP10 and earlier) or is there a bug in FMP 11 ?


2. is there any workaround for this, possibly without using applescript ?


In fact I'd be happy to do without an applescript, if possible.


Thanks in advance for your help




(Sorry, by mistake I posted this same problem in the Provide Feedback forum, while it was supposed to be posted here)