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Applescript...a little help

Question asked by ijontichy on Oct 5, 2012
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Applescript...a little help


     FIlemaker Pro Advanced v11.   Mac osX 10.7.5


     I have a little applet that appends some necessary text to the front of a text file that Filemaker generates.   


     I'd love to know how I get Filemaker to basically "drop" that recently created file on the applet, so I can make a "one button" solution out of what is currently "one button plus one drag and drop."   I don't know enough about applescript so I could use a bit of help.   And folder actions have failed me as well, though I suspect that's strictly a scripting shortcoming as well.

     I'll share scripts and more details...anyone want to offer any help?

     And to answer the obvious, it's easier to append the text to the file that Filemaker generates than it is to do it in filemaker because of highly specific formatting concerns.   More detail if needed.