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Applescripting help

Question asked by RobertRoy on Feb 4, 2013


Applescripting help


     I copied a filemaker database "Data 13" and renamed it "Data 14" with all of it's scripts and layouts. I needed to change the name of the database in the script to "Data 14".

     Here is the script:

     tell application "FileMaker Pro"
         tell document "Data 14"
             set spotPath to cell "SPT_PTH" of current record
         end tell
     end tell

     tell application "QuarkXPress"
         set spotPath to spotPath as alias
         open spotPath use doc prefs yes
     end tell

     Now I keep getting this error: "Expected end of line, etc. but found identifier." on the word "use" in the script when I hit ok.

     The script still works in the "Data 13" Database. Any help?