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Application for Windows AND Mac

Question asked by JPRohrer on Jan 10, 2013
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Application for Windows AND Mac



     I'm comming from the Windows world and have a seemingly easy problem to solve.

     I have to create a small application requiring a tiny database (5-6 tables, maybe 100 records, or so) and I did it with MS Access. It works fine and the interface is nice.

     Among the 7-8 users, there are two who work with Mac, so the Access application on our server does not work for them.

     I've been searching for days to find a solution and was ready to re-write it in FMpro, since that way it would be usable in the two worlds. But while reading through the tutorials, I learned that you need two different runtime objects for Mac and Windows, so would that mean that you'd have two different databases as well? This would, of course, not be a solution to my problem at all!

     I also read that you cannot create a Mac rutime on a Windows machine and vice versa?

     So, after all, FMpro is not a soluton for my problem?

     (I do not want to go through all the trouble to install MySQL on a server and try to write the user interface (the most important part of the application!) in PHP!)

     Thank you for any help!