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    Application for Windows AND Mac



      Application for Windows AND Mac



           I'm comming from the Windows world and have a seemingly easy problem to solve.

           I have to create a small application requiring a tiny database (5-6 tables, maybe 100 records, or so) and I did it with MS Access. It works fine and the interface is nice.

           Among the 7-8 users, there are two who work with Mac, so the Access application on our server does not work for them.

           I've been searching for days to find a solution and was ready to re-write it in FMpro, since that way it would be usable in the two worlds. But while reading through the tutorials, I learned that you need two different runtime objects for Mac and Windows, so would that mean that you'd have two different databases as well? This would, of course, not be a solution to my problem at all!

           I also read that you cannot create a Mac rutime on a Windows machine and vice versa?

           So, after all, FMpro is not a soluton for my problem?

           (I do not want to go through all the trouble to install MySQL on a server and try to write the user interface (the most important part of the application!) in PHP!)

           Thank you for any help!


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               You would not need two different database files or sets of files.

               You need two runtime executable files---one for mac and one for windows that opens and makes the same common database file accessible to the user. This is much like taking an MS Word file created on windows and opening it with MS Word on a Mac. The same document file is opened on both computers, but you use a windows version of the MS Word application to open in in windows and the mac version to open it on a mac.

               Please be sure to research the limitations of runtime solutions. There are a number of things a runtime solution cannot do. One limitation is that it can't share files over the network nor can it access files hosted on another computer. It's a single user solution only.

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                 Thank you very much for that fast and thorrow response.

                 To take your Word example: I can host the Word document on my server and each workstation can access it with its local Word (Mac or Windows).

                 You say, the locally installed FMpro runtimes cannot use a common file on a server? So, I better drop FMpro immediately.

                 It's crazy, the application is so basic, no volume, no security issue, just sharing some well displayed data on some Windows PCs and a couple of Macs...! Very frustrating!

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                   NO FileMakerPro Application, run time or otherwise should attempt to directly access a common file on a server. That generates errors locking out users and risks damage to the file. It was not designed to work that way.

                   The file must be opened by FileMaker Server or FileMaker Pro (Not a runtime) on the compure where the file is located. Then users with FileMaker Pro or a web browser (If database is web published) can access the file. FileMaker Pro users launch FileMaker on their computer and use Open Remote to find the application hosting the file (Pro or Server) and then opens the file.

                   For a small number of users, you can very easily set up FileMaker Pro on the server computer to host the files for others to access. But you can't make an "end run" around FileMaker's licensing requirements by using runtimes as clients of the database, you have to install properly licensed copies of Pro to do so.

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                     Again, thank you for your incredibly fast and accurate answer.

                     Unfortunately, it stops my "FMpro option" right there.

                     Was nice getting your top service, Phil, thanks.

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                       And why does that stop your option? (Perhaps this is not a difficult as you currently imagine...)

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                         JP have you considered using Crossover Mac for the two users on Mac that need to run the MDB file.  I have used it and gotten good results. 


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                           Thank you both for your encouraging responses...

                           "Why does it stop my option?"  Because it would mean a too big investment in time and money for this very modest application. Installing 2 different versions and buying and installing runtimes on each user's computer...it just doesn't make it!

                           "Crossover Mac" I've briefly looked into it and that might be a solution. I'd only have to buy and install 2 copies ($120.- total). The problem remaining: the two Mac users are not IT experts at all and for them to launch a OS-switch each time they want to use the application... I'm not sure they'll do it often...

                           I might install a test version of "crossover Mac" to get the feel... Thanks again!

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                             It has been a while since I used Crossover Mac, but as I remember it wraps around the application.  It would be launched as if it was a Mac application.  I run VMFusion, and that is a full blown Window environment.  With Crossover you would just have the Access app.  Good luck.

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                               Hey, that sounds more like what I'm looking for! I will definitively try that route! Thank you very much.

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                                 Just clearing up some possible confustion here.


                                      "buying and installing runtimes"

                                 "Runtimes" are not bought and installed. They are created using FileMaker Advanced, so you wouldn't buy them, you'd create them--but that would entaill the limitations I've already mentioned.

                                 You would be buying and installing FileMaker Pro on each machine--not a runtime.

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                                   You don't need a "Run Time solution" to share a database info to Mac or Window users.  The difference between Run Time and Straight sharing is a licensed copy of FMP for each user to share.  With each having a FMP license, the world of  database use opens up dramatically.