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application version identification in IWP

Question asked by cresal on Feb 9, 2012
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application version identification in IWP


I've found a few threads on this but none that have helped me figure this out...

I'm trying to get my database set up for IWP and my startup script has a check for the application version (so it can be used with FM Go also), but I'm having trouble getting it to recognize "web".

I tried to make a clean database and test my Get (ApplicationVersion) scripts and variables. I made a new database with just one calculation field that calculated Get (ApplicationVersion). In FMP this worked fine. When I hosted it and tried from a browser, though, it still said Pro...

do i need to test this from a connection outside the office, or have i set it up wrong? or...

This screen shot includes manage database window with the database as it displays from my web browser.

I feel like I'm missing something painfully obvious here...