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Approve changes during or after importing records?

Question asked by PaulWirth on Jan 13, 2014
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Approve changes during or after importing records?


     Hi everyone,

     I'm new to Filemaker. I have a database of contacts that I want to occasionally import new data into from a csv (essentially because that's the only way I can save new data on my iPhone for Filemaker without paying to use a FM server and using FM GO)

     When I import the new csv-based data, I'd like to set up a script to allow me to approve or deny any changes to matching records either as they come in, or afterward—potentially in a dialog box, the way the "OS X" Contacts app notifies you when you have conflicts or duplicates after it attempts a sync. Keeping both old and new values would be a good option to include as well.

     Any ideas? Thanks in advance.