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archiving solution

Question asked by ChrisJohnston on Feb 20, 2014
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archiving solution


     I have new database I am working on, this one will just do something that I need and that is catalog what is on data DVD’s and Blu-rays. Basically I want to put a barcode on the DVD/Blu-ray and have it link to the info in the database so I always have an idea where stuff is at. My questions that I would like to know is, if I have a long list of every file/folder on this DVD/Blu-ray in a text field, will FileMaker search through it efficiently? Or is this a bad idea? We are talking about big list. I want to be able to search content like how the Windows search or the Mac finder works(does not have to work exactly like that but that is the basic idea). This list will be recorded at the time the DVD/Blu-ray is created so I won’t have to have access to it, to know what is on it. I don’t mind understanding more or learning about concepts that I usually get lead to here. Thanks