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Are Conditional Checkboxes Possible?

Question asked by nolak37 on Jan 18, 2010
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Are Conditional Checkboxes Possible?


Im have a Layout with a relatively large list of questions and their respective fields set as text allowing the user to type in their answer, however there are 2 fields in which i would like to set possible answers by displaying as checkboxes allowing them to check all that apply.

 Up to here no problem.


One field in my DB is age and here is the tricky part


Assuming its possible i need to set this up so that according to the persons age the value list changes displaying different "possible answers".


I thought about creating a layout and making multiple copies then adding a different value list to the field in each layout, then setting up the age field to do a script trigger on exit, the script would then look at the age and depending on what was set take you to the pertaining layout.


Im sure this will work however that would leave me with an awfull lot of layouts and im trying to avoid doing it in this manner.

can anyone help with this? is there a way to make this happen with scripting?